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 April 28 2024

A board portal can be a powerful tool to streamline operations, enhance collaboration and communication and promote best practice. However, selecting the right https://boardabout.com/ one can be challenging.

It’s a smart choice to select a board management system with a flexible deployment option. Certain software allows users to start working immediately, whereas others require a lengthy process of implementation. However, you must think about how easy it will be for your team to get used to the software and evaluate its utility.

Check that your Board Portal is secure

Secure cloud-based software is one source of truth for all documents, and all annotations and comments saved on the platform in editable format. This reduces security risks by eliminating the need to browse through lengthy emails. To protect your personal information, look for features like SOC2 and HIPAA Compliance, two-factor authenticating, and data backup.

Make sure that your Board Portal is mobile friendly

A simple and intuitive board management tool makes it simple for members to collaborate and access the portal from any device. During meetings voting and approvals are handled within the platform, and relevant documents are automatically linked to agenda items. After the meeting one click converts agenda items into draft minutes that can then be circulated for approval.

E-Signatures should be supported by a solid board management system to facilitate the signing of documents. This feature reduces the use of paper and can be applied to any form or document that is available on the platform. Select a company that offers unlimited signatures with no additional cost.


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