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 April 27 2024


Hybrid board meetings are now the norm as board members return to face-toface meetings. This new arrangement allows for the possibility of having meetings in person and remotely at the same time cutting costs and increasing accessibility. It is crucial that your company establishes standards for meetings and expectations, regardless of whether you prefer all-virtual or in-person meetings with remote attendees. To do this, it’s crucial to ensure that the technology is optimized and that clear guidelines are in place for participation.

Hybrid board meetings are not without challenges. Some board members might be irritated that they can’t be in the same room. Some may feel that their contributions are less valuable since they don’t have the ability to communicate with their colleagues. Meeting experts recommend that you take proactive measures that promote collaboration. This includes opening virtual rooms to encourage social interaction prior to and during meetings, as well as during breaks. Additionally, you can use tools like boards portals to help centralize the work of your board.

Another issue that is frequently encountered is of varying levels of technical proficiency among board members. This means that some remote participants might be not included in the meeting or their participation may be hindered due to shaky audio quality, poor video or a weak internet connection. You can assist your board in navigating these issues by training them on how to use technology and ensuring they have reliable equipment on hand prior to the meeting.


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