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 April 21 2024

A boardroom portal is an online secure platform that allows directors and administrators to access company-related documents from any device. This option provides a layer of security not offered by traditional email systems since it requires users to login with a distinct account using their own password, and a built-in system of user access controls. It also monitors the data center staff and employs closed-circuit surveillance. All information is encrypted and it supports multi-factor authentication. This is a vital option for organizations with sensitive data, especially those working within the government sector.

A good portal for boards will aid directors in preparing for meetings, by allowing them access to the most recent version of all reports and supporting documents in one location. This saves time that would otherwise be spent searching shared drives, email attachments, and file cabinets. Directors can also easily annotate documents ahead of the meeting to ensure that they are prepared for the meeting and any changes made to the board pack are reflected instantly. These boards work with any device, unlike PDFs.

The minutes can then be created and circulated to the board for approval. This allows the board to focus on governance and less on administrative tasks. This helps boards to comply with internal governance policies and regulations. The agenda items voted on at the meeting can be assigned to members and monitored and an audit trail is recorded.

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