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 April 21 2024

Boards are the main force of an organization taking crucial decisions and conducting crucial discussions that affect all stakeholders. This means that there’s plenty of sensitive data that is shared between boards, which needs to be secured from unauthorized access and leakage.

Implementing robust security measures to stop unauthorized viewing and printing of confidential documents is among the best ways for boards to safeguard their confidential data. One of the best methods to accomplish this is to use a secure board portal that can encrypt documents in order that they can only be accessed to authorized persons.

The majority of board portals allow you to set time limits for the length of time a document can be accessed and also limit to who can download or print it. Some systems also come with tools that let you determine who has visited the document, as well as an analysis of how many times it was opened and by www.dataroomabout.com/ideals-virtual-data-room-revie who.

Another method of securing confidential documents for boards is to develop an explicit confidentiality policy. The policy should clearly specify that, unless otherwise legally required or approved by the board, directors may not divulge confidential information to any third party such as constituency directors’ sponsors, and should also define what constitutes confidential information. It isn’t easy to enforce a similar policy, but it provides the directors with clarity. It helps to defend the company against claims that they violated their confidentiality obligation.

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