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 April 21 2024


Online board meeting is an effective way to bring your colleagues online, without the requirement for everyone to travel. It lets you have more meetings at times that are suitable for the majority of attendees, increasing productivity and engagement. Furthermore, any changes made to documentation during meetings will automatically be synchronized once the internet is re-available. This means that even if a colleague is offline they can still access and read all the information discussed in your last meeting.

When a board meeting is held online, members can use video conferencing features in their board management software. This allows them to talk and see one another face-to-face. This keeps them engaged and allows them to observe each other’s non-verbal communication. Additionally, they can mute their microphones if they aren’t speaking to avoid interrupting each other and adhering to the rules of online meetings.

Before your online board meeting it is a good idea to do an overview of the technology with the people who will be attending to ensure that everything works properly. This includes ensuring that your board member’s laptop has a good enough connection and the quality of their camera is acceptable. It is also crucial to ensure that your board member has sufficient bandwidth to attend the meeting, and that there are no distractions (like ringtones) or distracting backgrounds.

Another aspect of virtual meetings is that attendees are required to dress appropriately. It is important to maintain an appearance that is professional, since people from all over the globe will be able see it. It’s also a good idea not to be seated in front of large windows as the glare can affect the view on the screen.

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