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 April 17 2024

Corporate virtual data refers to the information that companies share in a secure online environment. The documents usually contain highly sensitive business-critical data that is of significant value to the business or organization sharing it. VDRs are often used in M&A, due diligence fundraising and other events.

The Life Sciences industry, such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, have very specific requirements for their online documents. They require a platform that is HIPAA secure and FDA approved (business associates) which allows for secure sharing of documents with partners, auditors and portfolio companies. VDRs offer these companies a secure, encrypted system that lets them track document downloads and access. The ability to establish time-limits for access will ensure privacy in this extremely important area.

Due Diligence

In M&A activities there is a common require disclosure of large volumes of sensitive information to potential buyers. To make the process simpler it is essential to use a platform that is simple to use and secure. VDRs allow this to be done and create secure storage can speed up the process of completing the transaction.


Startups and other companies seeking to grow must frequently reveal confidential information to investors in order to secure funding. This can be a long process that requires the sifting through thousands of documents. Virtual data rooms make it simple for investors to review the documents, which ensures an efficient and speedy process. This can also increase the competition between bidders, and may even boost the price of selling the company.

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